The moments where you smile at one another. The moment where your heart flutters. The sweet glances as you walk down the aisle. Those are the most important moments on your wedding day, and they're the moments that I will capture. This is your story, and I will capture it for you. 

Olivia Bossert Wedding Photography

It's not a big secret that I love to be outdoors. I'm incredibly inspired by the natural world, especially when it involved Cornwall. But above all, I'm inspired by people, and their stories. For that reason, more often that not I'll drag you outside whenever I can to grab those intimate and romantic images.

If you're as much in love with the outdoors as me, i think we'll make an excellent team


Olivia Bossert Wedding Photography
Olivia Bossert Wedding Photography


When the day is over, you're going to have two ways of remembering your wedding day: the memories in your mind, and the photographs. Let me ensure that those photographs are beautiful. 

Wedding photography starts at Β£800

For the full packages, and all the details, please get in touch and request a pricing guide.

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Caerhays Castle, Cornwall