1 on 1 Mentoring For Photographers

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1 on 1 Mentoring For Photographers


When I was first starting out, I would have given anything to be able to speak one on one with a fashion photographer who was a few steps ahead of me. It would have saved me years of self doubt, confusing, and wasted time. Someone who could answer all my questions, and give me the answers that I needed to hear.


Nothing would make me happier than having the chance to help you, first hand, with taking your fashion photography career to the next level. During our calls, you will have a whole hour to ask me anything you like about your fashion photography career. If you’re just starting out, or thinking about changing direction, I can help you do that. If you’ve been going for a few years, and have hit a plateau, I can help you push past it. If you want to get published for the first time, I can help you do that.


(Seriously, go read my blog posts)

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  • Setting up your first fashion shoot

  • Getting published for the first time

  • Work with model agencies

  • Honing in on who your ideal client is

  • Deciding what direction you'd like to take

  • Increasing your pitching

  • Improving your social media strategy

  • Working with your dream clients

  • Develop your services further

  • Tackle the fears you have and push past them

  • Have someone to keep you accountable


I believe it's as important for me to tell you what I can't help you with, as much as it is to tell you what I can help you with. I'm not going to be the mentor for you if you're looking for someone to help you: further your technical skills with photography, sort out your finances or pricing strategy, or write up a formal business plan. If you're wondering whether what you need help with is relevant to my kind of mentoring, feel free to send me an email, and I'll let you know! If there’s anything that I ever feel I can’t help you with, I have a wonderful contact list of people I can put you in touch with who I feel may be better suited for you.

What’s Included?

- One 60 Minute Skype call

Let's dive in and connect for sixty minutes of laser focus on your business. We'll chat about whatever you need help with, uncover your goals, and create a plan of action on what you need to do next for your business. You'll leave your session feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to take action.

- A Recording of your session:

You'll receive a recording of our call to keep forever, so that you can listen back and go over anything you may have forgotten. 

- 60 Days of Email Support

For the following two months after our call, feel free to email me at any time with any follow up questions, and I’ll get back to you with in depth answers.

What Happens Once I’ve Purchased?

Once you’ve completed your order, Olivia will email you within 5 working days to arrange the best date and time for your session.