Pitching With Confidence

Photo by  Abi Hobbs

Photo by Abi Hobbs

PITCHING WITH CONFIDENCE is open for enrolment

We’ve all been there. Sitting out our desk, constantly refreshing our inbox, hoping that someone will email us with a job offer.

And when an email does come you’re so worried that no one else will ever email you again, that you go ahead and take the work. You take it, even if it isn’t your dream work. Even if it doesn’t sound like fun.

Didn’t you get into photography for the love of it? To have fun? To create what is inside of you?

Pitching changes everything.

I know that just saying the word “pitch” will fill you with dread, fear, and insecurity.

But pitching means that you take back the control over where your next job comes from. Pitching means you put yourself in front of the very people you dream of working with. No more taking jobs out of fear.

Over the last two and a half years, I’ve worked from the ground up, starting without a clue of what I was doing, never having worked with a brand in my life, to now, where I have a solid system in place. I get the majority of my brand work through pitching.

Let me show you how you can too.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow their photography career. The course has given me the confidence boost I really needed just at the right time. Out of the many photography business related courses I have taken, I can honestly say that Olivia delivered the honest, open and supportive guidance that I craved, and the tangible, practical help I felt others simply weren’t sharing.
— Kathryn, www.kathryntaylorphotography.com
Olivia is incredibly professional, approachable and enthusiastic about helping businesses owners improve their pitching. I am really grateful for the support she gave me both before, during and after the Pitching with Confidence course. She is incredibly motivating and more than happy to share her experiences and answer my questions (however big or small.) It’s great to know there’s someone cheering me and my business on, I’m very grateful!
— Hattie Day - https://thecornishdog.uk/

“Pitching With Confidence” is for photographers who..

  • have been shooting for a few years and feel like they’re not booking the job they dream of booking.

  • have a solid career under their belt, but feel they need to pivot slightly.

  • are wanting to break into a new niche (fashion, lifestyle, commercial work).

  • wanting to shoot for magazines

  • want to take control over their career, and not leave it to chance anymore

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify who your dream clients really are.

  • how to find the contact details, even for the trickiest of people

  • how to create visually impactful and effective proposals

  • how to write a great email

  • how to feel confident enough to press “send”

  • how to maintain a relationships and make your pitching efforts last long term

After “Pitching With Confidence” you’ll be feeling confident, empowered, and prepared to pitch yourself to any brand you dream of. You’ll no longer sit there feeling frustrated and unworthy. Half the battle is simply knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. No more waiting for your dream clients to come knocking. You’ll be the one showing up. You’ll be the one in control.

Without this course I would have never taken that first step of sending an email to brands I would love to work with. Olivia is an open book. She very generously shares her knowledge, and she is truly passionate about helping others to succeed.
— Rachel Vogeleisen-Davies, www.rachelvogeleisen.com
I invested in Pitching With Confidence because I wanted to shift into commercial imagery with my dream brands. I’ve learnt that pitching yourself to clients isn’t as scary as I initially thought. PWC breaks the whole process down step-by-step, and every lesson explains why you need to do that step and how it will affect your future with the brand. The whole course has felt relaxed, informative and super helpful - I loved every aspect of it!
— Evie Lewis www.evielewis-photography.co.uk

What you’ll get:

  • 4 modules of in depth lessons, all created from direct experience + trial and error

  • example pitch emails, example proposals

  • A structure and a strategy to begin pitching successfully yourself

  • tasks, exercises and homework to get you taking action right from the start.

  • lifetime access to the course - anything new that I learn, you‘ll learn about it too

Olivia has given me the confidence to go out there and pitch to the brands I want to work with. Her course made me realise I don’t have to wait for the dream clients to come to me, I have the power to make it happen if I just step out of my comfort zone!
— Kelly Green www.lolarosephotography.com
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I invested in Pitching with Confidence because I was really struggling to pluck up the courage to start taking my business to the next level. PWC is an easy to follow course that goes really into detail about pitching, but without being overwhelming. There is absolutely no pressure to complete straight away and you can go along at your own pace which is really good. The support from Olivia is great!
— Abigail Roots abigailroots.com

How Much Does It Cost?

The course costs £250. I offer two payment plans: on of two payments of £125, and another of three payments of £83.30. I want this course to be accessible to anyone, so if that means splitting the cost over a few months, that’s what we‘ll do.

Please note: these prices do not include VAT. Sadly, the software that I’m using, Teachable, has a setting enabled which means I have to charge VAT. I understand that is annoying, and frustrating for small business owners, but I have deliberately kept the price of the course low for that reason.

When Does The Course Start?

As soon as you sign up! I want you to be able to get started with the course as soon as you sign up. I‘ll be present in the Facebook group daily for four weeks to help you with any questions.


Although you won’t get any 1 to 1 time with me during the course, I’ll be on hand in the Facebook group during the working week at least once a day to answer questions and help you out! If there seems to be demand for it, I will do the odd Live Q&A within the Facebook group too.


I’m hosting “Pitching With Confidence” on Teachable. This is an online education platform. I’ve taken courses on teachable myself, and I really like the format. Each week, you’ll receive an email to let you know that that weeks content in now available for you to read. You can log in at any time, and read through the content all in one go, or over the course of a few weeks or even months.

The course is currently all in written format, as that was how I felt it would be best delivered. There are a few video demo’s as well.

At the end of each module, you’ll be given homework and tasks to complete, to ensure that you make a proper start with pitching! I don’t want you to just know how to pitch… I want you to actually be pitching!