I absolutely love sharing with what I've learnt with you all. And I also know that everyone likes freebies... I know I certainly do! So I regularly put together new and exciting freebies that I know my audience will find useful. Whether you're a new business owner who wants to know how to plan her next photoshoot, or you're just looking for some advice on how to grow your business further, it's my hope that you'll be able to find that information here. 


What you'll receive


How To Attract Your Ideal Client

A fill in the blank exercise designed to help you get clarity on who your ideal client really is.


Ever wondered how to plan your very own brand photoshoot? This workbook guides you through just that. Whether you want to shoot your own products, or you'd like to hire a photographer for the first time, I explain to you each step you need to take, why you need to take it, and how to go about it.


A physical download of my most popular blog post: How To Plan A Styled Shoot. This is an indepth guide, perfect for anyone working in the wedding industry who wants to organise their own styled shoot. Perfect for beginners, or experienced pro's. 


Each month I send out a newsletter with a short but very useful business/marketing tip. I also send you any resources I've discovered throughout the month, books I've read, blog posts I've loved, or podcast episodes you need to listen to. 

Never have a blank moment again! My hope is that these 35 blog post prompts not only get you out of writers block, but hopefully also spark some other ideas for you. 

35 blog post ideas for creative business owners

Get this free template which is word for word what I use to email brands I'd like to work with! Want to know more about pitching? Read this blog post.

The "How To Pitch Yourself To Brands" Email Template


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