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Lets chat about coaching…

Since I was little, people always told me that I'd make a great counsellor. I've always had a knack for helping people sort through their problems. When I fell in love with photography, that idea of training as a counsellor was pushed aside as I embraced creative living. 

Recently though, that pull towards wanting to help people has emerged once more, only this time, I know who I'm meant to help: photographers. 

With that in mind, from July 2018 I will be offering one on one coaching for photographers! I will only be taking on a very small amount of clients, and my first slots will be released to my newsletter subscribers. If you are interested in being coached by me in the future, then please register your interest below to be the first to hear about it! 

The support Olivia provided during our coaching session was invaluable. She provided a friendly, safe space for me to discuss my business and work through aspects I required more clarity and direction on. I’m extremely grateful for the guidance she provided during the call and I’ve already put some of the exercises we discussed into practice. I’m so excited to see what’s to come next for my business!
— Hannah Gabrielle More |
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Who Can I Help?

I adore working with photographers from around the world to take their business to the next level. I'd love you to think of me as your photographer right hand woman; the person who gets it, who knows your industry, and who understands your worries. Why? Because I've been there, too! 

I'm not going to be able to tell you exactly what you need to do, step by step, but I can guide you, ask you the right questions, and hopefully help you to gain clarity on what it is you need to do next. You know your business better than I ever could, so we'll work together to push past any limits you might be experiencing, and open yourself up to possibility. 

It's team work. We work together to get you where you want to be. 


How I Can Help

- Honing in on who your ideal client is
- Deciding what direction you'd like to take
- Creating a content marketing plan
- Increasing your direct marketing
- Improving your social media strategy
- Working with your dream clients
- Develop your services further
- Tackle the fears you have and push past them
- Have someone to keep you accountable

Olivia’s sessions are the perfect way to create and explore space for your business. She’s great at listening and guiding you through sometimes difficult business decisions. I left our session feeling more motivated than ever and with so many new ideas! Having found accountability in Olivia, I am now more determined than ever to put in the hard work to achieve my business goals!
— Hattie Day - The Cornish Dog |

What Can't I Help With?

I believe it's as important for me to tell you what I can't help you with, as much as it is to tell you what I can help you with. I'm not going to be the coach for you if you're looking for someone to help you: further your technical skills with photography, sort out your finances or pricing strategy, or write up a form business plan. If you're wondering whether what you need help with is relevant to my kind of coaching, feel free to send me an email, and I'll let you know!


The Packages

3 Months One To One Coaching: 

- Three 60 minute Skype calls

Each month we'll hop on Skype and have a laser focused sixty minute session, where we chat about anything on your mind, what your goals are, and what you need to do to get there. After each session, you will leave feeling motivated, inspired and just that little bit more clear on what it is you need to do, and why. 

- A Recording of Each Session

You'll receive a recording of each of our calls to keep forever, so that you can listen back and go over anything you may have forgotten. 

- Email Support throughout 90 Days

If you get half way through the month and panic, or have a burning question you need to ask, I'll be offering email support throughout our time together to help and guide you along the way. 

Price: £700 (oR 3 x £260)

One off One To One Coaching Session:

- One 60 Minute Skype call

Let's dive in and connect for sixty minutes of laser focus on your business. We'll chat about whatever you need help with, uncover your goals, and create a plan of action on what you need to do next for your business. You'll leave your session feeling motivated, inspired, and ready to take action.

- A Recording of your session:

You'll receive a recording of our call to keep forever, so that you can listen back and go over anything you may have forgotten. 

Price: £250


Olivia created a judgement-free, encouragement-filled (unlike my own head a lot of the time!) space to voice all my concerns, to explore ideas, and see how I actually feel about different parts of my business journey.
She helped me feel more confident in what I’m doing, and actually good at what I’m doing! Without her, it would have taken me so much longer to make the scary steps forward that I have now taken. She helped me break down big & intimidating goals into smaller, more achievable steps and work on my strategies, workflow & daily habits.
Olivia had been such wonderful support & I really don’t think I would have come as far without her being there each month to help me reflect & take my business further.
— Aiste Saulyte |

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