White Wedding

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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to team up with a group of amazing creative women to create some new imagery for our portfolios. I've spoken previously about my struggle in continuing to shoot personal work as my business has grown, and paying clients have come in. When you're just starting out, all you can really do is shoot personal work as you don't have anyone to work with yet! But these days, that time is fewer and far between. Its wonderful that I get paid to do what I do, but I'm mindful of fleshing out time to create for myself, as well.

Sadly, the week of this shoot I caught an awful flu! Needless to say, I probably should have cancelled the whole day and stayed in bed... but creatives had send me their pieces to work with, I had two models booked and we were ready to go... so I didn't! I was also really despreate to create something new... so we went ahead. I was exhausted by the end of it, and I can't really say I pushed myself very hard creatively during this shoot, but I DID really love it. Ione did an incredible job on hair and make up, as usual. Victoria and Lauren, our models, were poised, patient and beautiful throughout. The dresses from Luna Bride were perfect, as were our hair pieces by Naturae Design (someone I've wanted to work with for such a long time!)

I'm super happy with this work, but definitely eager to shoot something again soon... so keep an eye out for my next personal shoot :) 

Hair and Make Up: Ione Kutz 

Models: Victoria and Lauren Charman 

Dresses: Luna Bride

Headpieces: Naturae Design