When You Have Too Many Interests


Too Many Interests- Olivia Bossert This is something which has been on my mind a lot recently. I'm someone who is interested in a lot of different things. I don't know why that is, really, but I find myself fascinated by so many different topics, I can't quite stop. Maybe it's the fact that half my family are teachers, so there is an innate desire to constantly be learning?

I've been writing this blog (sort of consistently) for a few months now, and I love it. It's my little happy place! But when you read any article about "How to be a blogger" (yes, I've read them - guilty), they always talk about "having a niche." I'll admit, I've tried that. I went through a couple of weeks where I told myself I'd focus on just health and fitness, and it was fun, but I found myself wanting to share other things: like my passion for fashion (lol), beauty, photography, art... So what do I do? I'm not really "blogging" with any particular goals, but I would like people to read!

It's 2016 now, so a new year has started. Although I don't feel any different, and I've basically just carried on as normal, I have been thinking a lot recently about what it is that I really want to do. My love for photography has come whooshing back into my life recently, and it's taken me totally by surprise. I got very sick about two years ago with depression and anxiety, and sadly when that happened, the main thing it took it's toll on was my photography. I just couldn't pick up a camera anymore. I've still not figured out why that happened, but it did. Now that my desire to create is back, I'm brimming with ideas. But I'm going to want to share those shoots I do here!

I thought about starting another blog, totally separate to this one, to share my work on, but with Atlas' blog/magazine/social media to run already, and this one, I can't begin to imagine starting a new blog. So I've made a decision to ignore the "blogging rules" (I know, I'm such a rebel) and share whatever I want on this blog. Be it health and fitness (I still love it, it's not going anywhere), or photography, or travel (it seems I'm going to be doing a fair bit of that this year...!) or any other new interests which arise (cause they seem to keep creeping up on me), then you'll most probably see it here!

Here's to 2016, and enjoying the things which make us happy :)

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