The Pro's and Con's of Wearing A Hat


_OLI2723 Pro: They're an immediate outfit upgrade. If you're wearing a "boring" outfit, I swear if you throw a hat on, you go from uncool to cool in seconds. (Does it make me really uncool that I've used the word cool?)

Con: If it's at all windy, they will fly off your head, resulting in you running after them like an idiot. Not cool. I repeat, not cool.

Pro: You will feel like Indiana Jones. This may help you feel more productive, or cause you to be distracted by wanting to go on adventures in the great outdoors. Either way, it's fun!

Con: Hat hair. Need I say more?

Pro: People think you're trendy if you wear a hat. It's all a lie people, I'm really not, I just put on a hat and tricked you.

Con: This might just be me, but I have a tiny head. Finding a hat that fits can be really difficult.

Pro: No more heat loss from the top of your head! Or is it a big myth that you lose most of your heat from your head? Someone clarify, please!

Con: They're a nightmare to transport. Try packing a hat and get it out in as crisp condition as it was before. It's hard.

To be honest, I definitely think that the pro's out weigh the cons... so I shall continue to wear my hats whenever I can! What are your favourite accessories?

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