The Tools I Use To Efficiently Use Pinterest For Business


Last week, I wrote a post for you all about why you should be using Pinterest to help your business grow. Well, this week, I'm going to share two of the tools you most definitely need in your life if you want to have a successful Pinterest strategy!

So, if you read that post, you'll know that one of the important parts of Pinterest is that you pin lots and lots of content, all day, every day. Now, of course, you can't spend all day on Pinterest, as you'd never get any work done! 

Thankfully, there is a solution, and that is Tailwind and BoardBooster. These are both amazing scheduling softwares that I use to manage my Pinterest accounts. Let's jump into both of them, and why I recommend both!


Tailwind was the first Pinterest scheduling software I ever used. I've used it for quite a long time, and it's very simple to use. Essentially, Tailwind will link itself to your Pinterest account, and you then add pins to your Tailwind account, using their plugin (which is very easy to install), and then Tailwind will automatically post your pins for you throughout the day.

You set up your own schedule, so you can tell Tailwind to schedule as many or as little as you'd like, at certain times. 

I love it's plugin tool, which is incredibly easy to use, and gets all of my "pinning" done really fast. 

Tailwind also recently introduced "Tribes" which I haven't had a lot of time to test out yet, but the ones which I have tried, I've seen a lot of success from. Essentially, a "Tribe" is like a big group board, where everyone pins their own content to the groups, and everyone pins each other's content. This means that you're far more likely to get your content seen by people in a similar niche to you, and they are sharing your content for you, and you're doing the same for them. 


BoardBooster is another Pinterest scheduling software that I also use. However, I use BoardBooster for only one tool, and that is it's "Looping" tool. What does looping mean? Essentially, BoardBooster will scan all of your current boards (or the ones you choose to let it scan) and it will begin to "repin" your oldest Pins in that board.

The reason this is so great is that the old content you pinned many moons ago is no longer buried at the bottom of your board, but is getting a new lease of life! So many of us Pin amazing stuff, but it just lets lost and we continue to pin more and more, and this looping function removes that problem for us. 

The best bit is, it also deletes the old pin, so you will never have two copies of the same pin in one board. 

BoardBooster's looping tool is definitely one of the best tools for Pinterest, and if you do nothing else, I would highly recommend simply getting the looping function switched on, as you'll see a dramatic increase in following, engagement and hopefully, click throughs to your website! 

OliviaBossertPhotography (72 of 82).jpg

Why do you need two softwares?

I know, it might seem quite odd to pay for two Pinterest softwares, but after a lot of trial and error, this has been the best system to suit me. Essentially, both programs offer different, but highly useful tools. Tailwind lacks the Looping tool which BoardBooster has, yet I find the "pinning" function of BoardBooster not as strong as Tailwind's. So I do all of my "pinning" through Tailwind, and let BoardBooster simply do the looping. 

If Tailwind decided to introduce a "looping" function sometime in the future, would I keep using BoardBooster? Probably not, but until it does, I'll continue to use both these programs, very happily! 

I cant afford both - which should I get?

If you're serious of getting your Pinterest strategy going, but don't know which program you should spend your pennies on, I'd definitely opt for BoardBooster. Why? Because you could still Pin manually yourself (for 10 minutes a day, let's say) and BoardBooster will do the looping for you in the background! I can guarantee you'd still see a lot of progress on Pinterest with just BoardBooster working in the background. And BoardBooster does also have the scheduling capabilities, so you can still schedule with it, I just don't like it's way of scheduling as much as Tailwind. 

So there you go, the two tools I use to manage my Pinterest account. I hope they help you, and get your Pinterest account growing, which will help grow your business, for sure! 

*Please note, the links to Tailwind and BoardBooster are refferal links, which means that if you sign up to them using those links, I'll get a small discount of my current subscriptions :)