The Love List | February

The Love List / February

Happy March everyone!

I'm not quite sure how it's happening... but 2017 is well and truly flashing before our eyes. I feel like I'm blinking and another week is gone! Do I sound like an old lady yet? Maybe. 

I was trying to think of what I wanted to post for today, and I wanted to put together something a bit light hearted... something fun. I wracked my brain for something, and I kept coming back to the idea of sharing my favourite things. I see so many bloggers and vloggers making these monthly posts, but somehow I've always thought that people wouldn't be interested in hearing what my favourites are... but then again, if I love those people's post, why wouldn't you like to see mine as well?! 

So I've shut the little, evil voice in my head, and just gone with it! So without further ado, here are the things I loved in February:

Favourite Website: I told you all about this website in my last post, but I just had to share it again. This months website has to be Wedding Sparrow. It never fails to inspire me, and without a doubt, if I need a boost of creativity, it's where I go to get some! 

Favourite Film: You probably all know what's coming... it's "La La Land!" "Lion" was also extremely good, and a definite close contender... but La La Land filled my heart with so much joy, I couldn't help but make it my favourite.

Favourite TV Show: Tom and I started to watch Travellers on Netflix while we were away on our holiday, and I'm loving it! Travellers is a sci-fy show, about a group of people who come back from the future to save the world... but they take over other people's bodies right before they're about to die. It sounds weird, and I do a terrible job of explaining it, but I definitely recommend it! 

Favourite Person: If you've been reading recent blog posts then you'll probably also know who I'm about to tell you about... but this month's favourite person has got to be Jenna Kutcher! This girl makes me feel so motivated, so inspired, she shares so much, and she really makes me feel like I can take on the world. If you're not already following her, no matter who you are, you should be! 

Favourite Podcast: She Creates Business - The Podcast For Wedding Pro's. I discovered this podcast by Kinsey Roberts a couple of weeks ago, and I've been slowly listening through the archive whenever I have some down time. The entire show is focused on interviewing women who work within the wedding industry, and learning from them, and I love it! I've definitely learnt a thing or two already, and each episode is better than the last. If you're in the wedding business, I highly recommend this one. 

Favourite Book: When Tom and I were getting ready to go away on our holiday, I realised that I was about to run out of books to read. So being the eternal nerd that I am, I began to browse the business section of Amazon (much to Tom's horror - he can't believe I'd like to read about business on holiday!) and I found "How To Style Your Brand" by Fiona Humberstone. I'd seen this advertised a few times, and was always drawn to it. I'm not a graphic designer, and I find branding quite tough at times (although I'm definitely getting better!) and this book is beautiful, but also packed full of interesting concepts, knowledge and ideas. If you're thinking of rebranding, or want to just make sure your brand is on top form, I really recommend checking it out. 

Favourite Place: Zennor, Cornwall. You may have noticed over on Instagram that I did a shoot in Zennor a couple of weeks ago, and it had to have been one of the best shoot days I've ever had. I absolutely fell in love with Carn Galver, specifically. If you're looking for somewhere beautiful to go walking, add Zennor to that list now! 

Random Favourite: I wanted to include this in here, but I didn't know how to categorise it... so I've called it the "Random Favourite" and it's Squarespace! You're on my blog, and you've probably noticed that is has (yet again) changed layout... and not just that, it's on my website! That's right, I've now merged both my blog and my website into one. This will mean that it's far easier for people to browse my work, stay up to date, and find everything in one place, rather than two :) There's still a bit of housekeeping for me to do with this, so don't be alarmed if you go and read an old post and see it looks a bit funny right now, but I'm slowly making my way through them all to make sure they're looking right! I moved my website over to Squarespace at the start of the new year, and I've been loving it so much, the idea of merging my blog and website into one began to feel more and more likely. It's been such an easy platform to use, their customer service has been incredible, and I'm so pleased with how it all looks! 

So there we have it, my new blog, and the things I've been loving in February... What have you been loving recently? Can you recommend anything to me? Let me know in the comments bellow! 

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