The Love List | August + September

THE LOVE LIST // August and September // // favourites, monthly favourites

Well, it's been quite a while since I did a love list on here! I'll be honest, life got away with me for a bit, the focus was on creating helpful content for you all as much as possible... and then life got EVEN CRAZIER this week! I had every intention of producing another educational, helpful post... but I'm going to be totally honest, I haven't been able to think much about work this week, let alone find time to write a blog post to help you all further your businesses! 

So, whats changed? Well, if you follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, you'll probably have seen that Tom and I have a new addition to the household in the form of a little black, fluffy Working Cocker Spaniel puppy called Milo! He's absolutely wonderful, and we love him to bits, but he is definitely a handful! I've had dogs my whole life, so I thought I knew what to expect. Turns out, having a puppy with no other dogs in the house to keep them entertained means that ALL entertainment falls on you. Thats ok though, cause Milo has been with us almost a week now, and we're starting to get to know him much better (especially is night time toddler tantrums - who know such a little thing could have so much attitude when he got tired!). 

Milo // // puppy, dog, working cocker spaniel, country dog, 8 weeks

So let's get onto the fun stuff, and what I've been loving this month. 


Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestly: This was a book that was recommended by Alex Beadon, an online business owner I've followed for years, and when she discussed it in one of her latest videos, I knew it sounded like something I'd like to read myself. I was about to have a week with my family in Switzerland, and needed some books to keep my brain occupied in the down time (I know, life is so hard sometimes). Oversubscribed is all about how to get your business, well... oversubscribed. To get people queuing up outside your shop to buy your latest product. To get more people wanting your service than you can offer. Sounds counter productive, but its really not, and I learnt quite a lot from this one! I can highly recommend it. 

Start With Why by Simon Sinek: This may just be one of the most famous business books that there is out there, and my goodness is that for good reason! "Start With Why" is all about how businesses need to go to the core of WHY they do something, instead of just WHAT or HOW they do things. Simon Sinek uses a lot of really interesting comparisons between businesses that have a clear why, businesses that don't (and aren't as successful) and businesses that did have a why, but forgot it, and then became less successful. It's truly an inspiring read, and I really enjoyed it. I've preordered his new book "Find Your Why" which should be arriving any minute now, and I can't wait to devour that one, and get really, really clear on why I do what I do (although, I think I have a good idea of that already.) 


Creative Pep Talk: Creative Pep Talk is a podcasts which name pretty much speaks for itself... they're hour long pep talks, with quite a lot of helpful tips and tricks on how to be the best creative business owner you can be, and I love them! Andrew Pizza (yes, his real name!) is super enthusiastic, and I adore so much of what he stands for. If you're a creative person and occasionally need a bit of a pep talk... download this podcast and pick an episode which sounds like something you'd like to listen to! 

Instagram Account

@bettymagazine: I've followed Betty Magazine for years, but it was only recently that I began to pay attention to her Instagram account again. Betty Magazine is a magazine (as obvious as that may be) but it is run by Charlotte Jacklin, who is hands down one of the funniest and loveliest people I've come across online! She recently had a baby, called June, who is incredibly cute, and Charlotte's Instagram Stories are actually what make me love her so much. She shares a lot of her day to day life, and the funny things she and June get up to, and it's truly a joy to watch! Give her a follow :)

Most Favouritest Favourite 

Milo: Pretty obvious. He's soft (when he's not trying to bite me), when he sleeps, he has little dreams that make him make little noises. He's learning how to sit, lie down and stay really well. He loves pine cones, and a plastic milk bottle. He also loves to go under the sofa and eat it (maybe we don't love that so much). His favourite toy is a fox.