The Best Props for Flat Lays and Product Photography

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To follow on from my blog post about flat lay photography, I knew the inevitable question would be: what props should I use?! 

Well, I’m happy to say that over the years I’ve become better at finding props for my images. I thought I’d help you out and create a list of idea for props for your images. 

The beauty of it? Many of these you will already have laying around in your home! 

  1. Plants - artificial or real, I use green house plants in many of my product images.

  2. Books - especially coffee table books. Open them up, and use different pages in them to create different looks for your images.

  3. Magazines - the artier the better!

  4. Vintage cameras - find them in charity shops for cheap.

  5. Greetings cards - find a local boutique which stocks lovely cards and buy a few which appeal to you.

  6. Polaroid images/Printed Images - I love adding my own work into my flat lays.

  7. Pens - These are great to use as a negative space filler.

  8. Make up - lipstick can look really beautiful!

  9. Trays - TK Maxx is always a great place to find trays. Also look in charity shops.

  10. iPhones and MacBooks - if you’re going for an office/work vibe, add an item of technology.

  11. Stationary - I personally love adding in planners and diaries.

  12. Hair clips - these make really lovely little gap fillers.

  13. Food - fruit is something I love to play with in images.

  14. Flowers - an obvious one, but never underestimate the power of adding in a flower to an image

  15. Trinkets - the best word I could think of to describe the small array of items we collect in our homes!

  16. Hats - add an element of style with hats

  17. Blankets and Scarves - blankets and scarves add really lovely soft texture to an image.

  18. Jewellery - rings, necklaces, bracelets. All beautiful, and great fillers for random negative space you want to fill.

  19. Glasses - sunglasses or reading glasses.

  20. Bottles - colour bottles, perfume bottles. The glass can create an interest texture.

Shops I Recommend for Props:

TK Maxx



Willow and Stone




Zara Home

Cox and Cox 


Charity Shops

See you tomorrow for day 4 of the 12 days of Christmas!