What Does My Working Day Look Like?

What Does My Working Day Look Like? I get asked quite regularly what my working day looks like. I work from home, so what sort of structure do I have? Do I sleep till 10am every day? Do I hang out in pyjamas? Do I work from the sofa? These things might all seem like the ultimate goal for a work life, but the reality is that my work day couldn't look more different from that!

7am Tom, my partner, works in an office a few minutes away from our house. He starts work at 8am during the week, so naturally he needs to get up early. Lucky for me, I'm an early riser; I always have been! So every morning our alarm goes off at 7am, we get up, Tom heads off to work, I eat my breakfast (pancakes every morning - yes, really!), and then I get dressed. You might think: "Surely you can just hang out in pyjamas all day!" Yes, I could, but the reality is that I don't actually feel half as productive if I do that. The act of putting real clothes on takes me out of "chillax" mode, and into work mode.

8am-2pm Generally, I'm at my desk in our home office by 8am. Sometimes it's 8:30am, but who's checking?! All you need to know is that most days, I'm in my office by 8am, and tend not to move until 2pm. Of course, this changes day to day. If I have a shoot all day, I won't be at my desk at all. If I've got a meeting to go to, I'll leave for that. But if I'm having a work at home day (like I am today!), I sit at my desk, and I don't move. What am I doing for those 6 hours? Emails, editing, financial planning, planning social media, research, writing a blog post. You name it, I'm probably doing it.

2pm-5pm I'm my most productive in the morning. Generally, after 2pm, my brain isn't as active or able to cope with big tasks. That might sound really weird, but it's how I've always been. No, I don't just stop working at 2pm; I carry on until 4:30-5pm when Tom comes home. However, I tend to keep these last few hours of the day for tasks I find easier/more fun. That might be editing, doing a module in the business course that I'm doing, or putting moodboards together for future shoots.

5pm-10:30pm I try my hardest to end my work day by 5pm. I'm usually successful, but some days I'll carry on working later. It totally depends how tired/excited I am about something (or if I've got a deadline). But I try to keep these hours as time for myself, and time with Tom. I'll go to the gym, cook us dinner, have a bath, watch TV, or just relax! I find it incredibly hard to switch off, but generally, once I've shared my evening Instagram post (usually around 6pm), I put my phone down, and try not to pick it up again until the next day. By 10:30pm, it's lights out!

So there you go; a little insight into how my day works! Do you have a similar routine that you like to stick to? Or do you prefer to let each day be different?

What Does My Working Day Look Like?