For The Love of Portraiture

Ever since I began taking photos, portraits have always been something that I gravitate towards. Be it during the shoot itself, or in the post processing, the portraits have always ended up being the images I love the most. It's not something I really payed much attention to in the past, but recently I've been thinking more and more about it... why do I love portraits so much?Perhaps it's because I really love faces. I remember having a conversation a couple of years ago about why I liked taking photos, and saying that it was just the fact that I enjoyed making people feel beautiful. Now, the question is, do I? I hope I do.

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Switzerland On Film

Crans Montana by Olivia Bossert I was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. If you had asked me when I was 17 where I would spend my life, I would have told you Geneva. I didn't ever expect to settle down so well in the UK, but for the time being, this is where I'm happy. I try to make a point of going back home at least every two-three months; I can't go much longer than that without seeing my family! I was so excited to go back for Christmas and spend two weeks with them. I was able to relax, zone out of work (to an extent) and go on long, beautiful walks.

Although there was a distinct lack of snow for the season, we managed to go skiing once, and it was so much fun! I decided whilst I was packing to only pack my film camera. I have a terrible tendency of not picking up my analogue camera enough, despite it being the camera which produces my favourite imagery. Perhaps it's the lazy person in me, but I'm so happy it was all I had on me, because I got some beautiful shots out of it.

I'm going back home in February for a long weekend, so I'll definitely be taking more photos whilst we're there... of snow... I hope.

Swiss Alps by Olivia BossertCrans Montana by Olivia BossertSwiss Alps by Olivia BossertWalking on the Edge by Olivia BossertGrey Mountains by Olivia BossertSteaming Cup of Tea by Olivia Bossert


Ice Skating by Olivia Bossert

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