4 Hair Products You Need

The Best Products for Long Thick Hair I've got long hair. There's a lot of it, too (much to Tom's dismay- he frequently complains about it getting all around the house). Having loads of hair is definitely a blessing, and I love it to pieces. Being it's so thick, it has a tendency to go flat against my head, and lose all semblance of shape. But thanks to the trusty products I'm about to mention, all is well in the world of Olivia's locks!

Moroccan Oil

I resisted Argan Oil for a long time. Everyone was raving about it, saying it was an essential product for healthy length. It is quite expensive and I was put off by the thought of putting oil in my hair (I mean, it gets oily enough, why would I add to it?!) so I just never bought it; until I began to style my hair more. I love a good curl, and as a result, my hair definitely needs a bit more TLC than it used to. So I caved and bought a travel size bottle of Morocan Oil. I kid you not, my life changed. How had I not used this till now?! Argan oil acts as a conditioner and adds protein, fatty acids, omega-3 and vitamins back into the hair, helping to repair it from damage from heat or just everyday wear and tear. A winner in my eyes!

Bumble and Bumble Hair (Un)dressing Cream

Now here is a product I've used for a long time. At least 3 years. This product adds a whole lot of texture, grip and definition; perfect for my thick but fine and flat hair! I'm also slightly obsessed with beachy hair, and this definitely helps me feel I'm one step closer to being the beach babe of my dreams. (It's never gonna happen, I hate cold water).

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray

See what I mean about wanting to be a beach babe? I adore the way my hair looks after I've been in the sea (side note: the Mediterranean sea, or Indian ocean, cause lets face it, I'm not going in the Atlantic!) and I'm always trying to recreate that look. I've used loads of sea salt spray's in the last few years, and most of them aren't great. They leave my hair feeling really straw like and dry, which I hate. I was in Boots a few weeks ago, and totally on a whim, picked this product up. Needless to say I was hesitant about how well it would work, but I was really pleasantly surprised! It smells great, leaves my hair feeling soft but definitely adds that beachy texture to it that I love so much.

COLAB Dry Shampoo

I know this is very unoriginal. COLAB dry shampoo has been all the rage ever since it came out. But there's a reason for that! It's the BEST! I work out at least 6 days a week, and if I had to wash my hair every single time I did, I'd have none left by now. A quick blow dry, a spritz of COLAB on my head, and I'm ready for action again!

Do you have any hair products you can recommend me?