Why I Don't Want to Live In London

London by Olivia Bossert This is something I get asked all the time: "Why don't you live in London?" or: "Don't you think you would be better living in London?" To be totally honest, I'm not a big fan of cities. I never have been! I grew up just outside of Geneva, Switzerland in the countryside. I know that for a lot of people when you say to them that you grew up outside a city, they think that must mean that you lived in a city-like environment. That couldn't be further from the truth. Geneva is tiny. Beautiful and charming, but really tiny. It feels more like a large town than a city. You can drive 10 minutes out of it, and you'll be surrounded by fields and trees. It's a small country, so lots of villages are squished up together, but essentially, it's the countryside.

When I moved to Cornwall, I took "living in the countryside" to a whole new level. I live in Falmouth, which is a beautiful seaside town. I've been here for 5 and a half years now (how the time has gone that fast, I do not know), and at first I was a bit shocked but just how small it was. It took some getting used to. You can cross the high street in 10 minutes by foot, and I guarantee that you'll bump into someone you know every time you leave the house. It's such a lovely place to be, and you do get sucked in by its charm. Cornwall is a very rural county. The public transport is terrible, and to get to any other big village, it's always at least a 25 minute drive (trust me, you need a car), but it's the most beautiful place ever. There's a reason Poldark is so successful! Just look at this post, and this post to see what I mean.

Porthtowan by Olivia Bossert

Now, as you know, I work in fashion. I run a print and online magazine, Atlas, and I'm also a fashion photographer... so the obvious choice would be to go live in a big city right? Right. Well, not for me. Thanks to the good old internet, I can run and build my entire business from home. I work from my beautiful apartment all day, and I regularly email or call people up in London. My colleagues are scattered all around the world. Would it be easier if I was closer to the city? Hell yes. I do have to travel up to London quite a lot, and it's a 5 hour journey from Cornwall, so it's a big old slog every time I need to go up (don't get me started on the time I went there and back for a 15 minute meeting... never again). But would I be happier if I lived in London? Hell no.

I couldn't even begin to  think about rent costs for a start (they terrify me). I like to be outside and go on walks, and thanks to where I live, I've got the sea on my doorstep. I like trees, and greenery, and fresh air, and happy people who smile at each other when they walk down the road. London has it's perks: I can't shop down here at all because Cornwall doesn't have an H&M or a Zara (ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME GUYS, WE NEED YOU), and I sometimes feel jealous that I miss out on a lot of the cool cultural stuff that goes on. I get invited to events by PRs for press regularly, and most of the time the invites are very last minute and I can't make it, so that's frustrating. But most of the time if there's something I want to go to, I hop on a plane or a train and head to the big city for a day or two! No biggie.

The internet has opened up so many doors to so many people all around the world. There's no longer a need for us to all cram into huge cities and survive of baked beans on toast because we can't afford our rent, or a need to breath in polluted air all day. We can work hard and be a part of the industries we love from the comfort of our homes!

What do you do? Do you ever feel pressure to move to a big city? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Cornwall by Olivia Bossert Cornwall by Olivia Bossert Cornwall by Olivia Bossert Cornwall by Olivia Bossert


6 Reasons I Love Living in Cornwall

6 Reasons I Love Living in Cornwall Cornwall is a pretty awesome place to live. It's the holiday destination of the UK, and I can totally see why. I've come up with 6 reasons why I love living in Cornwall, but there are definitely plenty more!

The Sea I've always loved water, and I grew up by the banks of the biggest lake in Europe, so living by the sea feels extremely natural to me.In Cornwall, you're never more than 20 minutes away from a breath taking coastline. I think most people find vast amounts of water comforting. Who knows why? Maybe it's because our bodies are made up of 90% water.

The Countryside I am SO not a city girl. Don't get me wrong, I love a short stay in a city; a few days to par rouse the shops, see the sights and eat in the billions of restaurants that cities always have. But can you really beat fields filled with flowers, horses everywhere you turn, and forests filled with bluebells? I think not.

The Language

When I first moved here, I couldn't understand a thing anyone was saying. Now, that probably would have happened anywhere in the UK, considering I grew up in French speaking Switzerland, but the Cornish definitely knew how to confuse a little Swiss girl. Being greeted with "Alright my lover?" took me aback somewhat ("Your lover? I am definitely not your lover!") and people asking "Where are you too?" was even more strange; "Where am I as well? Where am I second? What are you saying?!" But now, it's all second nature to me (It's got to be, I'm living with Cornish Boy). I've not yet got to the stage of using said phrases, but I know that sooner or later one of them will pop out without my meaning to. It's only a matter of time.

The Lifestyle It's healthy, outdoorsy, social, and arty. People down here are always so enthusiastic about life in every shape and form and the county really does embrace it's environment. Everyone is always doing something fun! Be it heading down to the boat for an afternoon sail in the summertime, an early morning surf in the spring, down to the pub for the weekly pub quiz in winter, or out for a coastal walk on a brisk autumnal morning, you really can't live in Cornwall without getting involved with activities in some way or another.

The Light Cornwall has been known for centuries for it's unique light. It has always attracted artists from all over the world, and I can certainly see why.

The Community I've touched on the fact that Cornwall has a huge sense of community about it, but I think that it deserves it's own category. The people of Cornwall are so supportive of each other, it's an incredible thing. Local businesses help each other out, people in the street stop and chat, and there's always some kind of event going on in all the villages.

I've never been somewhere where everyone is so deeply proud of where they live. It's an extremely patriotic place that embeds itself in your heart, and it's certainly embed itself in mine.