Why Simple Always Wins

Shanice in Cornwall

You hear it all the time: keep things simple. Simple is best. As a photographer, or any business person, it can feel really tempting sometimes to "just keep adding more" to shoots, to projects, to everything. I'm always overflowing with ideas, and they tend to all hit me at once. Don't get me wrong, that's great, but I'm having to learn to take a step back sometimes. 

How do we tackle these over powering ideas then? It's hard, but I have found that focusing on one thing at a time, really is key. Be it a business development idea, or an email, keeping your mind totally focused on the task at hand is essential to get things done better, and faster. 

So how does that all tie into this photoshoot? These images were taken last Wednesday afternoon, after a day at home at my desk. Ione, Shanice and I met up at around 3pm, did some quick hair and make up, and then made our way down to the sand dunes. We chatted (we got a bit distracted), and we laughed. We only shot for about an hour (partly because didn't realise how long it would take us to actually walk to the spot we had intended to shoot at!). I went into this shoot with no real plan - the only plan was to have fun. 

I say this a lot, but sometimes the shoots where I don't plan anything end up being the best. That isn't always the case, and I would never walk into a job with a client having no idea what I was going to shoot, but as far as personal projects go, sometimes just letting yourself be taken over by the emotions, the feelings, the light and the environment that you're in at that moment in time... it makes for the best images. 

I specifically set out to produce these images with no plan. They were intended to be simple, and in my opinion, everytime I've kept things simple... it always wins. 

Do you have a tendency to  overcomplicate things? Are you inclined to want to do too much? My challenge to you, if you are, is to take a step back, and think: "What is the most important task that I need to be focusing on right now?"

And on a totally seperate note, if you hate reading and just want to watch a video and look at pretty pictures, here's the vlog from the day! 

Why Simple Always Wins

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