Dear Olivia, Should I Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer for My Wedding Day?


Wedding photographers are massive investments for an already expensive day! It doesn't surprise me for one second that couples question whether they really need to hire a photographer. Obviously, as a photographer, I definitely think that you should have one... but there's no point in me saying that without telling you why. So here are 7 reasons why you should definitely hire a professional wedding photographer.

  1. A professional Wedding Photographer is going to be 100% focused to you and your wedding day. Sure, you could pass the camera over to your uncle or one of your friends, but the reality is that that person is going to be distracted. They'll be chatting to your Aunt while you cut the cake, or they'll get dragged onto the dance floor whilst you and your new husband dance for the first time. A professional photographer wouldn't be distracted by those things, because they're there on a job, doing what they are there to do: photograph the important moments.
  2. A professional wedding photographer is going to have the experience to know what to do. Have you ever noticed how dark churches are? Yeah, they're quite dark. But that's ok for professionals, because we know how to make a camera work with us, not against us. We can work around those conditions, and still capture beautiful images for you.
  3. A professional wedding photographer will supply the results that you want. This might seem obvious, but when you hire a photographer, you hire them because of the quality that they can provide you. With a professional, you're guaranteed to have beautiful images, no matter what you do.
  4. A professional wedding photographer is more than just a fancy camera. People love to think that photographers take great photos because of their cameras. Sure, great gear helps, but it's also down to techniques, composition, and creativity. There are thousands of professional photographers out there who all have vastly different styles! And that is because of their artistic freedom. You're not just hiring a photographer here, you're hiring an artist.
  5. A professional wedding photographer will back up (and back up again!) your images. I know this sounds SO boring, but it's an important one! As a professional, it's our job to back you files up at least twice! So that if your computer crashes and you don't have a back up of all your images yourself, you can simply get back in touch with your photographer, and you've not lost a thing.
  6. A professional wedding photographer will let you forget about them, and enjoy your big day. Your wedding day is YOUR day. It's your time to enjoy yourself, have fun, soak it all in. A wedding photographers job is to capture you, your husband, and your guests having the time of your lives, but forget that they're being photographed. You'll look back at the images and not even realise you were being captured in that moment!
  7. A professional wedding photographer will supply you with images that you'll be able to look back on and love for years to come. Your wedding day is an incredible, memorable day. It's a day you'll want to cherish and look back on. A professional photographer has the power to freeze those beautiful moments in time, so that whenever you want to look back and relive it, you can. That, in my opinion, is probably the most important point!

So there you go! 7 reasons why I truly believe that you should hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding day. I know, I know, I'm biased! I admit that, fully. But nothing makes me happier than delivering images to my clients, and seeing them smile the biggest smile I've ever seen.