Self Portrait Sessions


_OLI0712 When I very first got into photography (I was 15!) I started out mainly taking self portraits. I didn't really share them much, out of fear of being made fun of at school. I was being creative, and enjoying it, but I thought people would call me vain. Flickr was huge back then; it was an incredible community where anyone could have a go at taking images, and get pretty much instant feedback. I loved it, and I felt loved there.

Then Facebook began to grow, people were leaving Flickr, Instagram happened, and now Flickr is something I go back to on occasion to reminisce (and cringe a bit at my old work). I hadn't taken any self portraits in a very long time. Partly because I started photographing models, and then I took a long break from photography. I've mentioned lately how the desire to create again has come flooding back, and I couldn't wait to get my gear out and start snapping.

This week I've been back at work on Atlas as usual, but I knew I wanted to take one morning off to test out my backdrop, the new lens that Tom got me for Christmas... and see if I can still actually take a photograph.

Well, this is the result! I'm pretty pleased, I can't lie. These are all natural light (I'm still waiting on an Amazon order which contains a new piece of lighting kit -- turns out mine is a bit damaged), and thanks to the huge windows we have in our living room, it's so nice to know that I could produce an entire shoot with nothing but the window, some reflectors, and my camera.

I can't wait to keep at this -- stay tuned for more new work very soon!

_OLI0746_BW _OLI0748

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