S1 Ep 9 Should Photographers Go To Uni - and more with Saskia Lawson

Should photographers go to uni? Interview with fashion photographer Saskia Lawson // www.oliviabossert.com // fashion photography podcast, it starts with a click, photography tips, photography advice, photographer

Saskia Lawson is a fashion photographer based outside of London. She's only 25, and has already shot for some huge clients like Ted Baker. We chat about loads of different topics, but a large focus is whether photographers should/need to go to university. We both have different experiences, and I think it makes for a nicely balanced chat! 

We also go over how she gets her clients, and how she lights her images.

For more info on Saskia head to her website https://saskialawson.com/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_saskialawson/ 

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