The Resource List For Starting and Running A Business

The Resource List For Starting And Running A Business // // starting a business, resource list, entrepreneur, blogs and websites, podcasts, girlboss

The internet is a glorious place! It's thanks to the World Wide Web that I think I know pretty much most, if not all, that I know about business. Not just business though, photography, too! When I was 15, and decided I wanted to learn how to take a good photo, it was the internet I turned to when I needed to understand how a camera actually worked. I learnt it all on Youtube and through blogs. 

Over the years, I've accumulated quite a list of resources, websites, podcasts that I turn to for inspiration, and knowledge. Rather than keep all of this info to myself, I thought I'd put together a list of all my favourite websites and podcasts that I use to grow my business every day! I've also added a book section, purely because I would by lying if I didn't say that books have been a huge help to me. But if you're just looking to learn everything for free, this list of websites and podcasts will surely help you do to just that!


Websites and Blogs << You all probably know my friend Anna by now, (she also runs The Cornish Life blog), but ByRosanna is her web design and branding business, where she also shares vasts amount of info on running a business. 100% worth checking out. << Jen's blog is amazing, and has a real focus on running a lifestyle business, rather than aiming to make £100000 a year. A very inspiring blog! << Live and recorded webinars on starting a business. Elle and Company is one of my go to's! << Elle and Company’s blog. Packed full of info. This is a goldmine! << If you want to read about all things Instagram, this is the place to do just that. << If you want to learn how to improve your blogging, or your Pinterest game, Melyssa is your girl. << All things branding! << Find finances tricky? I love this blog for feeling less alone, and learning tips on how to take control of your money. << A good all rounder on all things business << Think Creative Collective is a blog I've read less of, but one that I still wanted to recommend because I know I've been on their site a handful of times and have liked it! 



If you prefer to read a book, these books have been some of my favourites:

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie A classic for if you want to understand how to better communicate with people, know how to get people interested in speaking to you, and networking even if you're an introvert! 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert If you're a creative business owner, you need to read this. 

Essentialism by Greg Mckeown How to prioritise what work you need to do, and move away from what you don't. This changed my perspective on essential tasks!

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown A book more about psychology, courage, and vulnerability, but one that I think is really helpful to any young business owner.

The Defining Decade by Meg Jay << If you're in your 20's, you need to read this. It changed my life.

How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield << The book that kicked off my love of reading business books. This helped me define my goals for my life, and my business. 



Another really great place to look for info is Pinterest. People from all around the world share their blog posts to group boards, as well as their own profiles. I highly recommend searching on Pinterest for topics you want to learn about (ie: How To Start A Blog) and I guarantee you'll find all that you're looking for. This is my board for Business tips, just to give you an idea of whats out there! 



Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert << A continuation of her book "Big Magic," Elizabeth spends time speaking to creatives about their troubles, and helps them move forward in their work.

 Make It Happen by Jen Carrington << A continuation of Jen's blog, including a mix of inspiring interviews with business owners and just chats of Jen by herself, this one is incredibly inspiring and knowledge packed!

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes << A mix of longform interviews with business owners, and short and sweet snippets of knowledge from Lewis Howes himself. 

The Chase Jarvis Live Show << Chase Jarvis is a photographer and the mind being CreativeLive, an educational platform. Chase answers listeners questions about the issues their having with their creative businesses, and helps them move forward. 

Hashtag Authentic << Sara Tasker (ie, Me & Orla), chats all things Instagram and using it for your business. A mix of interviews and just Sara chatting herself!

The Goal Digger Podcast << Jenna Kutcher's podcast about all things marketing, social media and business. Filled with information and actionable steps you can put to work as soon as you've listened. I love this one! 

The Gary Vee Show << Not for the faint hearted, Gary Vee is quite intense, but will certainly give you that push you need to make things happen. These tend to be interviews or Gary answering listener questions.