A Post Which Is Just About Pretty Pictures


www.oliviabossert.com I'm going to be honest, I don't really know what to write about for this post. Last week I took a few rolls of film in to be developed, and the images that came back are lovely, but so mismatched and random that I haven't really got a clue how to share them. So rather than try to come up with a really meaningful, deep, inspiring post for you... I'm letting the images do the talking for once!



photo04_4 photo07_7 photo08_8 photo17_17 photo18_18photo20_20-2 photo20_20 photo21_21-2 photo21_21 photo22_22 photo23_23 photo24_24-2 photo24_24 photo25_25-2 photo25_25 photo26_26-2 photo26_26photo28_28-2 photo29_29-2 photo30_30-2 photo32_32-2 photo33_33-2photo36_36-2 photo39_39