3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Visual Consistency

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Visual Consistency // www.oliviabossert.com // visual communication, Instagram strategy, website strategy, blogging, business, entrepreneur, photography

Consistency is a word that you see come up over, and over... and over again in Marketing (and puppy training it seems *click here to see Milo!*). The idea is simple: repeat something in a similar way continuously, and people will begin to understand your message. 

But why is consistency with your imagery so important for your brand or business? And where should you focus on it most?

I think when people think of visual consistency, the first thing that often comes to mind is an Instagram Grid. You know the one, when you click on someone's profile and all the colours are similar whites, blues, reds or greens. There's a "flow" about it, and is looks cohesive. 

But what about in areas other than Instagram? Is Instagram the only place you need to be consistant?  

1. If you're consistent, you're recognisable

There's a reason that people who, years ago, started to create really curated Instagram feeds, are really famous now. Some of these accounts have amassed millions upon millions of followers, based mainly on one thing: they post similar imagery over and over. And as they continued to do so, some of them developed specific "looks" which lead them to become easily recognisable. 

@karen.rosalie is a photographer that I think is a perfect example of this, in that she became very well known for high contrast flat lays. She CONSISTENTLY shared images of this style, and eventually she became known as a photographer who shoots imagery of that style.

If she had shared one high contrast flat lay, alongside a soft one, alongside a dark and moody one... the message gets diluted and the consistency isn't there. 

2. Your Brand Message becomes Clearer

When your imagery is consistently similar colours, moods and styles, it becomes easier for your customers to understand what kind of message you bring across. For example, if the imagery on your website or Instagram is very bright and bold, customers can imagine that your services/products will also be really bright and bold! 

However, if you share images with muted tones, and calm vibes, it's going to be pretty clear that that is the kind of service or product your customer can expect.

If you share bright and bold imagery, but want to be known as a more serene business, then you're going to be confusing your customers! 

See why imagery so important now?

3. Easier communication with your ideal client

Going back to clear messages, if a potential customer lands on your website, or Instagram, or Facebook, and sees images that they really like (maybe that's bright and bold), they're going to be more likely to be your ideal client, because they like the same imagery as you! If however, they come to your site and they're really NOT looking for something bright and bold, they'll walk away. 

Sounds bad? It's really not! You WANT to attract the right customers, and repel the wrong ones. This saves you time dealing with customers who just aren't the right fit for you! 

So there you have it, three reasons why visual consistency is key to running a successful business.

Not sure if your imagery is consistent enough? No idea where to start? Feel free to send me an email, and I'll happily take a look over your website and platforms, and give you tips on where you can improve (if you even need to!) 

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