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Favourite Bloggers by Olivia Bossert - I've been addicted to reading blogs since I was probably 15. I've been there from the start (not really, blogs have been going on for a long time but it feels like I've been there since the start). As time has gone on, I've discovered and read thousands of blogs. Some I still read today, some I lost interest in, and some I'm only just discovering. I love reading other people's blog recommendations, so I thought it was about time that I share some of my favourite reads!


What Olivia Did: I adore Olivia's blog. She dresses in the cutest, most beautiful way, and it's a style I wish I could pull off, but never could. Not only is she gorgeous, but she's also lovely! We recently did a big feature of Olivia and her boyfriend Joe on Atlas. Read their love story!

Kayture: Kristina Bazan and I have been extremely close since we were 16, so there's no way that I can't love her blog. Kristina is now a mega blogging star, but I've known her since before she even had a blog. We used to run around in fields taking photos; some of my very first attempts at photographing other people, and I cherish those memories so fondly. We don't get to see each other very much anymore (I'm in the UK, and Kristina lives on a plane now (joking, she lives in Los Angeles)), but we text regularly and stay in touch. She's as genuine and lovely as she was when I first met her, and you can really tell that in her posts. If you want to read about luxury fashion, and follow the work of an incredibly entrepreneurial woman, follow Kristina closely.

Cocochic: Stephanie Toms is also a good friend of mine (that will become a trend in this post, I'm sorry in advance). I've only known Steph for about a year, but her I've been reading her for much blog for longer than that. I actually spotted Steph in the streets in Falmouth about two years ago and muttered to Tom quietly that "You can tell that girl is a fashion blogger." Of course, she was, and a few weeks later I stumbled on her blog. Funny enough, it was Steph who contacted me first, as she'd heard about Atlas and wanted to get involved. We met up, became friends, and haven't looked back since. We speak basically every day. But apart from that, Steph's blog is not only full of BEAUTIFUL fashion, style and imagery, she's one of the most knowledgable bloggers I know, and gives out her advice freely to anyone who asks. She's the sweetest, most loving girl I know who has no idea how great she is. If you want to learn about blogging from a seriously talented blogger, read Steph's blog.

In The FROW: Victoria from In The FROW is SO BEAUTIFUL, and when I first discovered her blog, she made me want to dye my hair bright purple and not think about it for a second. Of course, that didn't happen because I'd have been terrified, but it doesn't mean I didn't think about it. Victoria is the epitome of classy, and basically every outfit she posts (and I mean EVERY) I want to own. She blogs about quite a lot of luxury products, which is something I don't often read about, so it's really nice to when she speaks about it. I definitely vouch for spending a bit more, but less frequently, so Victoria's luxurious blog is a dream.

Chapter Friday: Chapter Friday is run by Yara Michelle. It was once just her blog, but she became so successful she expanded and now has a full team alongside her. Mainly about fashion but with some lifestyle, beauty and travel thrown in, I really enjoy reading this blog. It's a bit more casual, chilled out and less personal than the others, but there's just something about it that I really enjoy!


From Roses: Rebecca seems like the sweetest girl, and I admire her so much for being able to blog every single day, without fail! As a reader, that's incredible because I adore her blog, so knowing that she'll have new content up every day is a dream! Rebecca writes about a huge array of things, from home interiors, to fashion, to fitness, to beauty. No matter what it is, it's always wonderfully written, and her imagery is stunning. If you love lifestyle, you'll love From Roses!

Kate La Vie: Kate's blog (previously: Gh0stparties) is a dream. I've been reading it for a couple of months, but she's been blogging for years. I'd say Kate's focus is mainly on beauty, but she's got some seriously incredible interiors posts, which are incredible. She has the home that you wish you could maintain/create in your own space. Everything just seems so perfect! She's also a blogger who lives in Scotland, not London like so many of them are.. and she's super successful, so it's encouraging to see for all of us who don't live in the big city!

On Serpentine Shores: Alex has recently become a good friend of mine. I discovered Alex's blog last summer while I was googling "Cornish Bloggers." At the time, I hadn't seen many blogs by people who lived down in Cornwall, but I was sure that there must be some great ones. When I found On Serpentine Shoes, I was hooked. I kid you not, I think I clicked "next page" all day until I got to her very first post... oops! Alex has an incredible aesthetic, her photography is beautiful, she makes you want to run away into the countryside and never look back. And she's gorgeous! Oh, and she's really nice too.

The Salty Sea Blog: Sarah, who writes "Salty Sea Blog" is a Cornish blogger that I have yet to meet, but I've heard lovely things about her from Alex, and you just need to take one look at her blog to know she's lovely. Her photography is the thing of dreams, and she's quite particular in that each of her posts is more like reading a story than a typical blog. I love it.

The Cornish Life: Anna who writes "The Cornish Life" was another blog that I found that day when I was looking up Cornish bloggers. We met for the first time a few days ago, and she's really lovely. Anna is probably the most ambitious and business saavy person I've met in a long time. She actually writes two blogs, "The Cornish Life" which is more of a lifestyle blog about living in Cornwall (read it-- you'll want to come down here!) and her second, "By Roseanna" is a business advice and help blog. She also offers her services as a web designer and logo creator! She's so talented, and her blog is stacked full of advice. I can't recommend both her blogs enough.

Favourite Bloggers by Olivia Bossert -


She Can't Eat What?!: "She Can't Eat What?!" is a beautiful blog written by Emma, who's 22, and also suffers from IBS. I love her blog so much! She writes about all things Low FODMAP, including recipes, updates on the behind the scenes, developpments that are being made, and she's really open about her condition. She inspired me a lot to start writing about my IBS more. If you need Low FODMAP recipes, definitely check out Emma's blog!

Minimalist Baker: This blog by Dana is quite a popular one. The idea behind it is that she uses no more than 10 ingredients and one bowl to make her recipes! Now to me (who can get a bit lazy from time to time) this sounds like the perfect solution. I love her recipes, but I also adore her food photography.


Elle & Company: Elle & Company is quite a popular blog destination for career advice. I've gone to it many times looking for tips and tricks to either help me out with Atlas or with this little blog right here! At the core, blog owner Lauren Hooker is a graphic designer and web developer (in fact she's designer Olivia Purvis from's blog!), and you can tell that when you look through her site. She shares advice on how to grow a business.

Career Girl Daily: Career Girl Daily is a really fun site, which features mainly articles from contributors from all around the world with career advice. It's a blog geared strictly towards ambitious women, and I love that. You can find articles ranging from really funny, chilled out ones, to very serious here-is-what-you-have-to-do posts. It's updated really frequently, and I have to say that admire the girls who started and run it so much. They launched just over a year ago, and in that short space of time alone they've grown to be huge! They're ones to watch, of that I'm sure.

The Private Life Of A Girl: Sophie, the writer behind this blog, is in fact a jewellery designer. I not only really like her designs, but her blog is brilliant. A good mix between a lifestyle blog and an advice blog, I also really love Sophie's photography. This girl has nailed the flat lay like no other, and her life seems so bloody organised!

What are your favourite blogs to read? I absolutely love discovering new blogs to read, so please leave me your suggestions bellow!

Favourite Bloggers by Olivia Bossert -