What Are My Goals for 2017?

Image of me by Lizzie Churchill
Image of me by Lizzie Churchill

2017. That sounds a bit scary, doesn't it! I remember being in school still and knowing that I was going to graduate in 2010, and that sounding like a big enough number... I'd never thought as far ahead as 2017. But here it is, and you know what? I'm excited for it! If you haven't already, you can read my 2016 year in review here. It was an incredible year for me, which included a huge amount of growth, and a heck of a lot of fun. My ambitions were big, but the main one was just to get back into photography, figure out what I loved shooting and where I wanted to take my career.

I can happily say that I've done that, and I have a pretty clear idea of the path that I want to take... so 2017 is going to be all about taking me one step closer to that. However, my goals for the coming year don't only revolve around photography. I'm not a huge believer in setting yourself up with New Years resolutions. I prefer to set myself goals, which contain actionable steps. so without further ado, here are a few of the things I'd like to achieve for 2017!

More Photography: I know I just said that my goals don't revolve entirely around photography... but let's be real for a second... this is definitely the biggest goal! So what does that look like to me? Well, I've loved shooting campaigns for brands this past year, so I'd absolutely love to do more of that. Be it for bridal wear, jewellery or general fashion brands, this stuff is what gets me the most excited! That being said, I've equally loved working with couples, so photographing more couples is high on my list of things to do. I'd also love to shoot more real weddings this year; the more relaxed, informal and intimate the better in my opinion! My ultimate dream? A small wedding ceremony on a secluded secret beach in Cornwall. Know someone who's doing that? Send them my way!

Get A Puppy: A completely different goal, and Tom will probably kill me for making this public on the internet, but I have been desperate to get a dog for such a long time. If you're like me, and you grew up with dogs in your house all the time, being in a home where there isn't a furry friend running around feels really strange. We live in an apartment, which is the main reason that we haven't already made the jump to getting a pup, but the more we talk about it, the more we think we should just do it. After all, I work from home 80% of the time, and I'm alone all day... this girl needs some company! But what do you think? Have you got an experience in keeping a little dog in a flat? All advice, tips and tricks welcome! PS. We're thinking of getting a West Highland Terrier!

Start Making Videos: Probably the goal which scares me the most, is this one: to start making videos. People have been telling me to start filming videos for years, but I always said that I could never do it because I'm too shy. That fact still remains, I am very shy, and I do have a lot of apprehension about it (especially when I see such nasty comments left on some Youtube videos - I don't think I could handle that hate - I'm far too sensitive) but let's face it, I don't really want to be a famous Youtuber, I just want to share more of my photoshoots with you, chat about my processes, maybe teach a tiny bit of photography stuff (Would that interest anyone?!) and share more of my personality. It's scary to put yourself out there like that... but I'm definitely up for the challenge. Let's see how it goes!

New Website: I have been wanting to build myself a new website for months! Ever since I discovered Jenna Kutcher (this woman is a photography education extraordinair, and I'm currently doing her business course, which I LOVE!), and I realised that a photography website could be more interactive and fun, and didn't need to boring, I decided I was going to rehaul my entire online space. This is obviously easier said than done, because I'm no web designer, and I don't have a budget to employ one, so I'm doing the best I can on my own. I've decided on Squarespace, and I'm making good headway so far. It's going to take me a couple of weeks to get it right, but I expect to be able to launch it quite soon in the New Year, and I can't wait! What sort of things would you like to see on a photographers website? I'd love to know!

Yoga, Relaxation, Self Care: I won't go into huge details, but I've never hidden the fact that I have quite serious Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and sadly it's gotten a lot worse in the past few weeks. I'm working on finding a soluation, but a real goal for me in the new year is take serious care of my mental health and wellbeing. I love to work out, and I've got a great routine when it comes to high intensity exercise (boxing is my favourite!) but there needs to be more slow, relaxing, calming elements added to my routine. I gave meditation a go a couple of months ago, and I enjoyed it, but sadly a habit never formed, so my goal in the new year is to fine a meditation class which I can attend, perhaps join a Yoga studio, and really get on top of my self care. Do you have any recommendations in Cornwall (locally to Falmouth, preferably) for mediation or yoga classes? Pilates is of interest as well! Let me know :)

So there you go! Those are just a couple of my goals for 2017. I've gone into a lot more depth in my journals, and I've got some serious steps that I'm going to take towards every single one of those goals, and its safe to say that I'm extremely excited about each and every one of them.