Getting Crafty: Upcycling a Bedside Table


Upcycling a Bedside Table Tom and I recently moved into a new flat, and we couldn't love it more. We were super excited to furnish it, and make it our own. I've never been the most crafty of people, but when we found out that we were definitely moving, I started to look up how to upcycle furniture. As it turns out, it's not as complicated as I once thought! I found out about Annie Sloan paint, and was super excited to get going with it.

I really needed a bedside table, but I wanted something pretty specific. I didn't want anything boxy, as the room isn't massive, and I felt like it would look a bit too harsh. What I wanted was something simple and quite open/airy. When I saw this piece in the British Heart Foundation in Truro, I knew it was exactly what I'd been looking for. It looked a bit gross, covered in cob webs and moth balls, and was really dirty, but at £10 it was a bargain, and I could see it's potential!

After a good clean, a few hours of work, and a knew door knob, I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking!


Upcycling a Bedside Table Upcycling a Bedside Table


Upcycling a Bedside Table Upcycling a Bedside TableUpcycling a Bedside Table Upcycling a Bedside Table