For The Love of Portraiture

For The Love of Portraiture - Ever since I began taking photos, portraits have always been something that I gravitate towards. Be it during the shoot itself, or in the post processing, the portraits have always ended up being the images I love the most. It's not something I really payed much attention to in the past, but recently I've been thinking more and more about it... why do I love portraits so much?Perhaps it's because I really love faces. I remember having a conversation a couple of years ago about why I liked taking photos, and saying that it was just the fact that I enjoyed making people feel beautiful. Now, the question is, do I? I hope I do.

These images of Kendall were taken well over a year ago, but they were on a roll of film that I (apparently) put away and never got developed. So, even though these are old, I'm still sharing them now because I do really like them!

Scan 2 Scan 4 Scan Scan 3 Scan 5

Model: Kendall Royden MUA: Stacey Cremin