My Favourite Youtube Channels To Watch

My Favourite Youtube Channels To Watch I don't know how it's taken me so long to get this post written; I'm the queen of wasting time watching Youtube videos! I was mega late to the Youtube party. No, I'm serious, I didn't know that Youtube was "a thing" until 2014...late 2014. I mean, I knew Youtube existed, and you could watch silly cat videos, or cute puppy videos on it, and I was aware that make up tutorials were on there, but I didn't realise just how much of a following Youtubers had. Maybe I was living under a rock, and god knows how I went so long without realising how awesome Youtube was considering that I spend so long on the Internet all day long... but I did.

Thankfully, those days are long gone. On a cold, rainy afternoon, I was doing marketing research for Atlas, when I stumbled on the Youtube page of a girl you might have heard of...Zoella? I didn't know who she was. I didn't realise how big a deal she was, but I began to watch her videos and remember thinking how cute she was. I was sucked right in, and before I knew it, the day was over, I'd subscribed to a million channels (not really) and had a brand new addiction to add to my already long list of addictions!

It's been two years since that fateful day, and I can happily say that I've now got a healthier relationship with Youtube. I don't waste hours at a time watching videos, and I only watch the videos that really interest me. I do still love to discover new Youtubers though, so with that in mind, here is a list of some of my favourites to watch (WARNING: It's a long list)!

  1. The Anna Edit Anna is the most beautiful and relatable woman ever. With quite a wide range of content from beauty, fashion, lifestyle to cooking, I always love what she produces.
  2. Alex Centomo The Instagram queen, this girl gives me so much hair envy, it's unreal. She's clearly clever, and loves what she does, and I really enjoy her hair tutorials the most!
  3. Lydia Millen Lydia grows on me with each video she produces. She only really got serious with Youtube this year after years of blogging, but I'm glad she did. Her videos are always beautiful to watch. On the more luxury side of things, she's interesting and aspirational, for sure.
  4. Stephanie Toms I'm perhaps a bit biased because Steph is such a good friend of mine, but this girl has grown in confidence SO much in the past few months, I'm so proud of her. Her video content is growing stronger by the day, and her make up tutorials are incredible.
  5. What Olivia Did If you're after outfit inspiration, Olivia is the one. Her blog is one of my favourites, but she began to focus more on Youtube this year, and I'm so happy she has! Her lookbooks are like music videos, and they're always so cute.
  6. Amelia Liana Focused primarily on beauty and fashion, I love Amelia's channel. She does include the odd lifestyle video too, and her recipe videos are great. A recent favourite was a "Get Ready With Me" featuring her sister and her mum. They're the cutest family!
  7. Carly Rowena Carly has to be the goddess of fitness. She's got abs of steel, and she's such an inspiting, uplifting person. Her one song workouts are incredibly useful, and there have definitely been days when I've not  left the house at all, but have taken 15 minutes to do a few of her workouts. Try them!
  8. Estée Lalonde Again, I'm a bit biased because Estée is a friend of mine, but her videos are so good! She's probably the first person that got me properly hooked onto Youtube. I can also vouch that she's as cool in her videos as she is in person. I love her empowering Fem Talks, her beautiful but very achievable beauty tutorials, and her and her boyfriend Aslan's Vlogs always make me smile.
  9. Harry Hitchens A boy! Harry is a recent addition to my subscription box, but I subscribed because of his "Feel Good" videos, which he uploads weekly and show his weight loss journey. They're lovely, uplifting, inspiring videos, and he's definitely a filmmaker to keep your eyes on.
  10. In The FROW Oh my goodness, what can't be said about Victoria from In The FROW? This girl is seriously the rising star of the "influencers." In my personal opinion, she's going to be the next biggest thing online. She's beautiful, incredibly hard working, very, very clever, and she just knows how to make beautiful video content, as well as blog content. If you're already following Victoria, get on it... now!
  11. Jasmine Star Jasmine is someone specific for the business/photography world. I've loved her photography work for years, but more recently I've also been tuning into her business advice videos. She's incredibly talented, and knows so much about the business of photography... and she shares it so openly! If you're a photographer or aspiring one, definitetly check out Jasmine's videos.
  12. Kate La Vie Kate La Vie is extremely well known for her blog, but also for her interiors photos. Her home is stunning, and I don't doubt you've pinned at least one image of her home to your pinterest boards! Her recent house tour video made me drool.
  13. Matt Day Another photography channel. Matt Day shares tips on using film cameras, reviews on them, and just chats about all things cameras. The camera geek in me can sit and watch video after video and end up one eBay crying at the cost of analogue cameras!
  14. Negative Feedback Surprise! Another photography channel (can you see a trend here?). George's channel is also dedicated to film, but I love it. I never got taught analogue photography at school or university, so in order to learn, Youtube has been my go to. It's channels like these that don't let me give up!
  15. Niomi Smart Niomi is extremely popular on Youtube, and you probably already follow her... but there's a reason she's so popular. She's lovely to watch, always so positive, beautiful and happy. I love her recipe videos, and generally just like to watch her content. It's always uplifting.
  16. Tally Rye I've followed Tally on Instagram and Snapchat for a long time, and always loved her on those platforms. She's a fitness blogger, and personal trainer, and preaches nothing but balance, which I love. If you're after workout videos and a more weight lifting focus, Tally is your girl. I love her!
  17. Zanna Van Dijk Zanna is another fitness favourite, and I'm such a fan girl of her. Zanna films her day to day, what she eats, how she trains, as well as plenty of videos about how to lead a healthy life. Her book is coming out next year and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

So there you go! A *long* list of the people I love to watch the most. I'm sure that I'll continue to discover more Youtubers as the years go by, so I'll be sure to do another one of these posts. In the mean time, why not aide a girl's addiction and leave your suggestions in the comments bellow; who should I follow next?!