A Day in the Studio With Lucie Donlan

untitled (150 of 365) Studio photography was something that I never thought that I would enjoy, but once I began to do it during my university years, I really fell in love with it. Photographing editorials in studio can feel a bit intimidating, because you've not got anything to interact with; it's just you and your model.

Lucie Donlan, who you'll have seen before, is a local model from Newquay, and I knew the first time I worked with her that she would photograph beautifully in a studio environment; especially in red! I had such a strong vision of what I wanted to achieve with her, so I asked if she would be up for it, and she agreed. I got a hold of a red backdrop, asked Ione to come and do hair and make up, and Tegen Foote, a local jewellery designer, if she would be interested in helping style the shoot. She agreed, and suggested I get in touch with Little Boutique Truro, to see if they would be interested in lending us some items. I was so happy when they said yes! untitled (33 of 405)

untitled (113 of 405)-2I adore these images so much! It was so much fun working with such an encouraging, enthusiastic and happy team. It's so important for me to surround myself with people I love working with on set, because if the mood is at all wrong, or intimidating in any way, I can tell in my images. I was also so happy with these, that I felt confident enough to publish them on Atlas' website (which is why you may have already seen these there!).

I get asked all the time why I don't publish my work on Atlas more often. There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, I like to keep Atlas a place to share the work of others as much as I can. It's not about me, it's about everyone else, and sharing their talent. I also shoot stuff which, quite often, isn't the same style as the magazine. Atlas has a certain look to it, and as most of my work recently has revolved around Bridal editorial, those images just don't suit the magazine. I would never publish images of mine in the magazine if they didn't fit in... it wouldn't make sense. And lastly, it's a confidence thing. The work we publish on Atlas is of an extremely high quality. So high, that I often don't feel like I actually measure up to how good the magazine is! Whether I'm right or wrong about that, it's just the reality of how I feel. This time though, I felt happy enough with this set that I was happy to publish them... and why not capitalise a bit on the huge audience that we've built for the magazine to benefit myself a little bit too?!

If you'd like to see the editorial on Atlas, you can do here. 

Photographer: Olivia Bossert @oliviabossert Make Up and Hair: Ione Kutz @ione.alexandra Styling and Jewellery: Tegen Foote @tegenjewellery Model: Lucie Donlan @ Mustard @lucierosedonlan

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