Cassi and Mark | Cornwall Engagement Shoot

Back in December last year, I decided I wanted to do a little something for the people who have been supporting me in my career. I wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for everyone who follows along on my crazy adventures! So, I held a giveaway - a chance for a Cornish couple to win a photoshoot with me. The giveaway was far more popular than I could have anticipated, and I had more than 50 people enter! That's a lot of couples! 

Just before Christmas, I put names into a hat, and picked one at random. That name was Cassi. 

I made the announcement on Facebook, and Instagram, and sent an email out to my newsletter subscribers, letting them know who was the winner. Before I knew it, Cassi and I were chatting, and it was pretty clear she was VERY excited to have won something! It made me so happy to know that she was excited to work with me, and that it made her Christmas time that little bit more joyful :) 

After the Christmas and new year festivities were over, I met up with Cassi and Mark on a dark, and quite cold January evening. We chatted about their upcoming wedding - yes, they're getting married this year! - and what they had in mind for their images. We all agreed that it would be nice to wait until the days were a bit longer, and a bit warmer for their shoot. I had visions of beautiful golden sunsets, and strolls on the beach!

We agreed on the 8th of April. I popped the date in my diary, and before I knew it, February and March had come and gone, and it was the day of our shoot. 

To say that we were lucky was an understatement! It's always quite risky to book a shoot so far in advance - you just never know what the weather is going to do in Cornwall! But we were right to choose that day. Saturday the 8th of April was probably the warmest, and sunniest day of 2017 so far, and I was beyond excited for our shoot. I'd just come back from the Photography Farm workshop, and was eager to put everything I'd learnt into action.

Cassi and Mark turned up, we hugged, and made our way out onto the beach, chatting about how lovely the weather was (We are so British!).

These two were complete naturals in front of the camera, and within minutes were getting snuggly in the sand, or running across the beach hand in hand. It honestly made for the easiest and funnest shoot ever! Time flew, and within just over an hour, we'd laughed, I'd almost fallen into pools of water, and we'd definitely captured some absolutely beautiful moments.

Working with couples like Cassi and Mark brings me more joy than I can even begin to express. Capturing these moments for them, and knowing that they'll be able to look back on these images for years to come is the best feeling in the entire world. I hope they make you smile, too! :) 

Cassi and Mark, Couple Session in Cornwall by Olivia Bossert
Cassi and Mark, Couple Session in Cornwall by Olivia Bossert

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