35 Blog Post Ideas For Creative Business Owners

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As someone who has been blogging twice a week for... honestly I don't even know how long anymore, I know how hard it can be to come up with topics to write on. There will be weeks where your mind draws a blank, and you simply don't know what you want to write about! 

So with that in mind, I'm hoping this list will help you. I've kept it very open, with no real industry in mind, other than it being a somewhat creative business. But this could be used by any blogger who needs a bit of inspiration! 

Be sure to share your blog posts with me if you do use this list, as I'd love to read them. Want to download the list and print it out? Easy peasy, I've created a printable for you! Just sign up here to receive it!

1. Why You Became A ___

2. What You Love Most About Your Industry

3. The Favourite Project You've Ever Worked On And Why

4. 10 Things You've Learnt Since Becoming A ______

5. A "Get To Know Me" Post *BONUS* Film A Video Too

6. A Case Study Of A Recent Project

7. A "How To" Post (How to make a necklace, How to master your name in calligraphy, etc)

8. Show off your work space

9. The Best Books You've Read

10. The Podcasts You Love

11. All about the town you live in, and why you love it

12. Your Dream Project

13. The 3 Things Which Made The Biggest Impact On Your Business

14. A Behind The Scenes Look at Your Job/ A Day In The Life

15. A Monthly Goals List

16. An Annual Review of Your Year In Business

17. Your Favourite Instagram Accounts

18. 5 People Who Inspire You and Why

19. Your Favourite Blogs To Read

20. What To Do In Your Local Area

21. What You Do To Stay Organised + Share Your Tips on Organisation

22. Share Your Morning Routine / Your Evening Routine

23. Host A Giveaway!

24. Discuss Why You're Different From Other People In Your Industry

25. Discuss Your Branding - Why Is Your Logo The Way It Is? Why Did You Choose Your Brand Colours? 

26. Interview People You Work With Regularly

27. Do a Questions and Answers Post - Ask Your Readers To Send In Their Questions

28. Discuss Why It Is You Do What You Do

29. What Has Been The Most Challenging Part Of Your Career So Far?

30. Create A Blog Post Filled With Links You Think Your Potential Clients Will Find Useful

31. Tell A Funny Story About Your Life/A Time At Work

32. Discuss What Inspires You The Most

33. Share The Stages Of A Project As You Work On It. Continue to provide updates. 

34. Discuss How Your Business Changes With The Seasons

35. Tell Your Readers Who Your Ideal Client Is

There you have it, 35 ideas for blog posts! If none of these feel right, maybe they've given you a few ideas of your own to get started with :) 

If you have any other topics you'd like me to cover, let me know, and I'll be sure to do what I can.