A Day In My Life // Freelance Photographer in Cornwall

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I don't know about you, but I adore finding out what people's lives look like day to day. I'll admit to being a pretty nosy person who loves nothing more than watching "morning routine" videos on Youtube. Humans are quite funny, aren't they? 

With that in mind, it occurred to me that maybe my readers would be equally as interested in such things, and perhaps I should share with you all what a day in my life, the day in the life of a freelance photographer in Cornwall, looks like? 

I should start this post of by saying that no two days ever look identical, because some days I'm on a photoshoot, but just to keep things real, I actually only shoot about 20% of the time. The rest of my working life is spent at my desk, doing emails, writing blog posts, editing, etc. So, this is as accurate as I can get!

My Daily (Non Photoshoot) Routine: 

6:45am: Our alarm goes off. I get Milo out of his crate and take him outside.

7am: Feed Milo, eat my breakfast. 

7:40am: Tom goes to work. 

8am: I shower, get dressed, put some make up on. 

8:30am-10am: Working. This usually is when I'll get all my emails done, do any really boring admin stuff (ie. invoices). I like to write a big to do list first thing on a Monday, and tackle it throughout the week. This is also the time when I check Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and do any other social media stuff that needs to be done. 

10am-11am: Take Milo for his walk. This is always a highlight of my day! Most days I'll grab my headphones and put a podcast on. I adore these walks, and I can't recommend getting out in the morning to get some fresh air (rain or shine!). I always come back with new ideas, rearing to go, feeling refreshed and energised. If I've had a bad morning so far, or I'm feeling stressed about something, taking Milo out on a walk is bound to make me feel better. Most of my *good ideas* happen on these walks. 

11am-2pm: During this time I'm back at my desk, continuing with projects I've got on. Some days that's editing images for a client. Others I might be sending out emails to people I really want to work with, introducing myself to them. I also like to use this time of day to catch up on any educational stuff I'm doing (reading up about something I want to learn, doing a course, etc). Oh, and at some point in all of this Milo and I both have some lunch!

2pm: Take Milo out for his second (shorter) walk of the day. We live in an apartment, and although he can very easily go out for wee's, etc, we haven't got a garden where he can wonder around unsupervised... so I take him out for lots of little walks throughout the day! Again, these have become second nature now, and they actually help me get far more work done. You'd be amazed how great short breaks in your day can be for your productivity! 

A Day In My Life // Freelance Photographer in Cornwall // www.oliviabossert.com // #freelancephotographer #dayinthelife #photographer #cornwall #falmouth #morningroutine #dailyroutine #photographyroutine day in the life of a photographer, being a photographer, how to be a photographer, living in cornwall

2:30pm-5pm: This is the time of day which is most changeable. I work best in the mornings and early afternoon, and around 2pm is where my brain starts to get tired. That might seem early to people who work in an office, but thats just how I work. I don't necessarily end my day here, but if I'm feeling really tired I'll often do "easy" jobs in this time of day: gathering inspiration, reading blog posts, watching Youtube videos, or things like cleaning the house, running errands, etc. 

5pm: Tom comes home, we take Milo out for another shorter walk. 

5:30pm: I check I've not had any last minute emails come in, and then I put my computer to sleep for the day. My laptop is connected to a big desktop screen, and I rarely unplug it, which has done wonders for me because I spend SO much less time on my computer in the evenings now! 

6pm: I'm always done with work for the day by 6pm, and I use my evenings for pure relaxation. Sometimes that means heading to yoga for an hour, sometimes it's running myself a bath. Sometimes that literally means sitting on the sofa and watching everyone's Instagram stories! 

7:30pm: Tom and I eat dinner.

8pm: We watch our favourite TV shows. At the moment we're starting Peaky Blinders season 1, and have also just watched the first episode of Ozark!

10pm: Bed time. I take Milo out for his last wee of the day, and then pop him in his crate. I head to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and then head to bed. I'll usually read for anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour. 

10:30pm-11pm: Sleep! I need a good 8 hours at least, so our lights are almost always out by 10:30pm...11pm at the latest! 

So there you have it, a day in my life when I'm not on a photoshoot! Like I said earlier, a photoshoot day is quite different to this, and it would be hard to share with you a routine for that cause no shoot is ever the same! But I'm hoping to start vlogging again more... let me know if you'd like that. 

In the mean time, I hope that was interesting :) What is your daily routine like? I'd love to know!