50 Blog Post Ideas For Wedding Industry Professionals


I hear it so often - "I know I should be blogging, but I really don't know what to say!" I get it, blogging can feel so intimidating. Where do you even start? You might feel like you're not a good writer, or like you're just not interesting enough. Want me to let you in on a secret? I used to think the exact same thing! And then one day, I just started to write for fun. I took the pressure off myself, and began to share what was going on in my head. Slowly but surely, my confidence grew, and blogging is now just another part of my life... and the craziest part? I love it!

Blogging can have a huge impact on your wedding business! People buy into businesses that they know, like and trust. Whether you’re a photographer, cake maker, wedding dress designer, florist, or wedding planner, blogging is a sure way a great way for your clients to get to know you better (and then book you as a result!).

To take the difficulty out of blogging for you, I've build a list of 50 blog post ideas specifically for wedding industry professionals. It's packed with ideas, and a lot of them can become series, so even though there are only 50 ideas here, you'll find that some of them can be transformed into more than one post! And I'm not just leaving you alone with that. Following your initial sign up, you'll receive 3 further emails where I go into plenty of detail all about how to promote your blog, how often you should actually be blogging, and how best to integrate photography into your blog!

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I really hope this helps you see that blogging doesn't need to be hard, and gives you a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling. Take your time with it, sit down for one morning and pick the 4 ideas that excite you the most, write out 4 posts, schedule them for the following four weeks... and before you know it, you'll be blogging! 

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Happy blogging! 

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