3 Quick Ways To Find Contact Details When Pitching

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Finding the contact details of the people you want to pitch can be tricky. Over the years, I’ve certainly become a bit of a detective, and I’m now really, really good at finding people. To get you started, here are three quick tips for finding contact details of people you want to pitch to. 

1. Head to the websites of the brands you want to shoot for to find contact details. Most websites will have a “Contact Us” section on their website, or a “Press and Media” page on their site. It’s worth having a look there, as sometimes brands will list exactly who they want you to email depending on who you’re looking to speak to. Don’t think that it always needs to be difficult. You’d be shocked by how many times I’ve spent hours trawling the internet looking for an email, only to realise that the email was on their contact page all along.

2. Picking up the phone might sound terrifying… but it really doesn’t need to be. Find a phone number of the customer service, or reception of a brand and give them a call. Tell them who you are, and that you’re looking to speak to someone on the marketing team, or social media team (or whatever team is relevant to you). You’ll honestly be surprised that, most of the time, they’ll simply hand over their number, give you their email address, or put you straight through to them on the phone! 

3. Twitter is a tool which I think is under utilised when trying to get in touch with brands. For a long time, twitter was my main way of finding email addresses! Simply add a brand you want to work with on Twitter, and send them a tweet saying that you’re looking to get in touch with someone on the marketing team. Often they’ll reply and ask you to send them a direct message. In the DM, they’ll want to know why you want the address, but if you explain that you’re a  photographer wanting to share your portfolio, they tend to just give you an email address! 

Honestly, getting in touch with people isn’t as hard as you think.

Within “Pitching With Confidence” I go into a lot more detail about finding contact information. If you’d like to learn more about pitching to the brands of your dreams, then why not join us before we start officially on May 20th?