10 More Instagram Accounts To Get You Inspired

10 More Instagram Accounts To Get You Inspired

Happy Friday! I wanted to keep today's blog post low key, light hearted and fun. I've been feeling super inspired lately, and although I do try to stay offline as much as I can when I'm "out of office," Pinterest and Instagram remain the two places online that I enjoy being on the most. Since the addition of Instagram Stories, I've loved it even more because it gives me a chance to see more "behind the scenes" of the lives of the people I might have followed for quite a long time, and I try my best to engage on InstaStories as well! If you'd like to follow me *shameless plug* you can do so at @oliviabossert :) 

But today isn't about me, it's about the people I'm really enjoying following at the moment! 


Yoga Girl : I've mentioned Rachel Brathen plenty of times on this blog, but she needed to be mentioned as someone inspiring to follow on Instagram, because she truly is inspiring! Recently, her page has been more about babies than yoga, but she always comes back with a simple message: live the life you want, and be true to yourself.

Atlas Magazine: This might seem odd of me to mention, because I technically am one of the brains behind Atlas, but at the moment, Megan is the one curating our Instagram feed while I focus on my photography business, so I'm now getting to sit back and consume the magazine's content... which I'm loving! If you're into fashion photography, or fashion design, you'll love our Instagram feed! I'm always inspired by what gets posted to our blog and our Instagram... so follow along ;)

Jessica Olie: Another yogi, but Jessica is all about those incredible poses! This is the kind of stuff which is motivating me LOADS at the moment, and giving me all the motivation to get on a mat and practice. I'm no where near to doing some of the stuff that this girl can pull off, but wow is it inspiring to watch her do what she does! 

Upside down playtime in my favorite @aloyoga 🖤 #LETSSTARTYOGA #aloyoga

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Cat Meffan: A British Yogi, Cat is also seriously motivating me at the moment. She's always so smiley, and I always love her messages within her posts/Youtube videos. She uploads full yoga flows to her channel as well, so if you'd like to get into yoga, Cat is a great person to follow! 

Ondaphysioyoga: This one's for anyone local to Cornwall! Kyla very recently came into my life, and is already having a huge impact. A physiotherapist and yoga teacher, I've been attending Kyla's restorative yoga classes for a few weeks, as well as seeing her about my back, and I can't begin to tell you what a difference I'm feeling. I go on and on about my "search for calm" and it's very much an ongoing thing, but since meeting Kyla, I definitely feel like I took one big step in the right direction. If you're in need of any physio, a good sports massage, acupuncture, or just want to experience a great yoga teacher, I can't recommend Kyla enough. Also, she posts beautiful photos to her Instagram with really insightful captions, which I'm loving reading so much! 

La Mariée Aux Pied Nuds: After all of that yoga, here's something for all your wedding photographers, or wedding industry professionals! La Mariée Aux Pied Nuds (which translates to the bride with bare feet from French), is a French blog dedicated to simple and authentic weddings. It's one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever seen, and I'm totally in love with everything they share! Even if you don't speak French, I'd highly recommend following their feed, if only for the beautiful photography. :) 

Nadia Meli: Nadia is a wedding photographer and business coach originally from Germany, but now living in Brighton, UK. Her work is beautiful, but she's also someone who's super into helping other businesses grow, especially photographers, and I'm loving all of her posts. Her blog posts are great, and her Youtube channel is even better! If you're a wedding photographer looking to grow and improve (like me!) then I highly recommend following Nadia :) 

Rachel Gulotta: Rachel Gulotta is one part of the Mango Street Photography youtube channel, which seems to be growing at an enormous speed.. and for good reason. Their videos are beautiful to watch, short but to the point, and packed full of amazing knowledge. But not only that, they're super talented, and incredibly funny. Rachel's Instagram page is exactly the same, and I'm really enjoying following her at the moment. 

Gyan Gurung: Gyan might just be the sweetest person I've ever "met." I've not actually met him yet, but we've spoken quite a few times via Instagram direct messages! His work is beautiful, and I adore all of his Instagram Stories updates. If you want to follow someone incredibly smiley and lovely, please follow Gyan - you won't regret it! 

Faith D Wight: I discovered Faith via Jenna Kutcher's Photo Lab course which I'm a part of, and we've totally become internet friends. Faith is an incredibly talented photographer from the USA who fell in love with an English man, married him, and had two beautiful son's. She lives in the UK, and shoots weddings all over the country, as well as helping other business women grow their businesses. She's one of the sweetest people I follow, and so genuine, it would be hard not to love everything about her. Give her account a follow :) 

My friend @gingertwentytwo tagged me in the #20factschallenge and I like her, so okay. 1. I'm from a tiny town in North Carolina that hosts a yearly festival called "Mule Days." 🐴 2. I met my husband, Simon, on the back pew of a church in Yorkshire, England in 2003. 3. I was here for a 3-month semester abroad. 14 years later... 4. I was once on a breakfast show on the BBC talking about being a tall teenager. 5. I'm 5'10". 6. Related: I played basketball on a traveling team in my early teens. 7. I was a theatre and journalism nerd in high school. 8. My first car was a blue 1988 Mazda 323 - which I decorated with cow seat covers, a hula boy, and a pink steering wheel cover that said "Princess." 🙈😂 9. I'm the middle of three sisters. Read: Classic middle child. 10. I LOVED Boyz II Men in middle school. 11. I always wanted sons, and I'm so happy I have two. 👦🏼👦🏼 12. Before I was a photographer, I was a magazine editor. 13. I'm the daughter of a preacher and a teacher. 14. I first came to England when I was 18 to meet my pen pal. My parents bought me a plane ticket for my high school graduation...and I missed my graduation because they moved it back a week on account of some snow days we had to make up. 15. We live in one of the most land-locked places in England, and I spend a lot of my thinking time just trying to figure out how I can move closer to the water. 🌊 16. One of my biggest and scariest dreams is to write a book. 17. I'd never had instant coffee until I came to England and I do not understand it. It's horrible and to each his own except not. #justsayno 18. I'm trying really hard to give up refined sugar. I do awesome 97% of the time, and then I pound a whole bag of Caramel Nibbles. 🍫😐 19. I've never gone into debt for my business. Mostly Simon's influence because his money savvy has really rubbed off on me. 20. I have a denim problem. Shirts/dresses/jeans/dungarees...I can't stop. That's it! I think I'm supposed to tag 20 people, but that seems a bit excessive, so I'll just tag 6. No pressure, friends. I am not about that life. I barely even did it myself. Happy Monday, everybody!

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