I’m Olivia, a photographer based in the farthest tip of the South West of the UK: Cornwall. I moved from Switzerland when I was 18 to study fashion photography in the small University town of Falmouth, and fell in love with the sea. When my 4 years of University were up, I was supposed to move back to the land of cows and skiing. Just weeks before my move, I met a Cornish boy, fell deeply in love, and decided that I wasn’t done with Cornwall just yet. Three years later: I’m still in Cornwall, I’m still loving the sea, and I’m still loving the boy! 

So where does photography come into this? Well, since I was very little I’ve been obsessed with imagery. I love everything about pictures; whether they’re pictures of my family, paintings of landscapes, or incredibly fashion images; I love them all. When I was 15, I picked up a camera for the first time after discovering flickr.com, and completely immersed myself in the world of photography. I taught myself how to use a camera from back to front, and never looked back! Now, I use my time as a photographer to capture visual marketing for business, and create editorial stories in the beautiful county that I'm so fortunate to live in. 

About Olivia Bossert

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